As a serial entrepreneur, the one consistent theme of my career has been the spectacular teams I’ve worked with and worked for (more on a management philosophy at some other time). You know who you are. And it’s likely we’ve met, and you know who I am (I’ve interviewed tens of thousands, I’ve worked with thousands, and have managed close to 40 different teams over the 28 years), but if not I’ve posted a brief bio for you to chew on*.

But, to be clear, this blog is about people as the products (sounds unemotional but truly not). YOU are important, dynamic, and super rich with opportunity and challenges. And never before has it been more difficult to navigate your ‘work – life’ (note there is no word ‘balance’ in that phrase).  And just think it’s 50% of your waking day (actually more than 50% but who’s counting).

So, here’s a place where we can talk ‘flow’, mindfulness, success, productivity, career, and ‘work-life’. Did i forget the ‘science of happiness’. It’s part social science and part data science. It’s original thoughts and celebration of other’s work. I just relish in the conversation.

Let’s jump in. The water is fine.



*The bio reads, “Deanna Brown recently served as Byliner’s President. Prior Deanna served as CEO of FMP.  In 2009, she served as President at Scripps Networks Digital, where she led the charge on bringing Scripps more fully into the digital space. In 1995 she co-founded CondeNet, the digital division of publisher CondeNast.  She has also held VP and General Manager titles at Yahoo and AOL, and founded other successful media companies including Powerful Media/ and Gaming Industry News.  Brown began her career as a founding member of a small L.A. advertising agency upon graduation from the University of Southern California. She has more than twenty-five years experience as a seasoned media executive, entrepreneur and Fortune 500 executive.”

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