It’s a never-ending debate in companies all over the world, decade after decade. So why do we do it…That said, here are some ideas on how to rid ourselves of them and still keep up with some collaboration and team fulfillment. 

8 (Mostly) Digital Alternatives To Meetings

1. Empower small groups for quicker, more personalized and adaptive meetings. Who’s here and what do they need to know? vs Is everyone here? Fill out the roster so you can get “credit”
for attending. Here’s a Jolly Rancher to ease the pain.

2. Consider technology like Google Hangouts and Skype for said small groups–they don’t even have to be in the same room, or even on computers. Video conferencing–use the data team or lit circle format if you’d like. Every teacher has a role. Notes get uploaded and tagged. Admins and group leaders get cc’d.

3. District official? Help create less wasteful and redundant district and state “policies” that make said time wasting a matter of law. Make the product, effect, or big idea a matter of policy, not the paperwork and physical presence. We do the same with students. This is why attendance and behavior aren’t matters of school accountability, but assessment performance is.

4. Use technology like Voxer (here’s their Google Play app)–think of it like voice text messaging, with sent receipts, offline use, image support, groups, and more.

5. Use bulletpoint mass texts with need-to-know info, and clear, specific call-to-actions for response

6. Use an ongoing department-specific twitter hashtag to promote conversations where comments are aggregated and automatically embedded in a mass document for “accountability.”

7. Create a closed Google+ Community to communicate, share, document, and curate training, info exchange, etc.

8. Need something more robust? Consider a platform like gotomeetings that allow for webinar-style digital interaction or my personal favorite SLACK> 

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