Big 800 lb teams band together to keep the world open and rich with data for you to keep. Plenty of things to watch but key is that open = good (good for you and for them).


Like grains of sand on a beach, there are a seemingly infinite number of standards and protocols applicable to the internet of things. So I’m not sure if it matters that Intel, Samsung, Broadcom, Atmel and Wind River (an Intel company) have launched the Open Interconnect Consortium.

The effort will join others, such as the All Seen Alliance, the Industrial Internet Consortium (which also has Intel as a founding member) and smaller protocols such as MQTT and XMP as ways to help devices communicate and share information.

High quality standards help both consumers and businesses. Life without the 802.11 radio protocol would mean no interoperable Wi-Fi devices, and I also can’t imagine life without USB or Ethernet.

Like all standards efforts, the goal here is to get enough big name companies and products to implement a chosen standard so it becomes the de facto protocol or standard for a…

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